tartarooga (tm) HARD DODGERS

tartarooga (tm) HARD BIMINIS

If you care for strength, beauty and longevity

Custom designed with your specific requirements in mind.

We incorporate any reasonable and feasible design requests.

Tough and light construction using high-tech materials.

The only one in the industry with leakproof downturned edges forward and aft.

All tartarooga hard dodgers come with a pair of side handrails.

Our dodgers last as long as your boat. In fact, we're so confident, we offer 10 YEARS WARRANTY on most of our products!

tartarooga hardtops provide a solid installation basis. Solar panels, sheet arrangements (travellers), hatches and overhead windows are just a few things we have installed in the past.

We match the gelcoat to your hull or almost any other color.

Besides dodgers, tartarooga offers Hardtop Biminis and a great variety of enclosures.

We even build complete enclosures under one long hardtop, where it seems reasonable and feasible.

This picture is a forward view between the top of a tartarooga hard dodger and a hybrid bimini. The boat is under sail, running wing and wing. Clearly visible are the traveller installation atop the dodger and the reflection off the overhead window in the bimini.

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