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Not All Hard Dodgers Are Created Equal

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Here is what you should know before you buy a hard dodger: A proper hard top has integral structural members. They are important as they provide strength and stiffness to the shell. The most crucial strengthening members are the downturned flanges on the fore and aft edges.

Traditionally hard tops were built using solid flanges and intermediate structural beams. The downturned edges provide for the attachment of front- and side panels. This approach requires the building of molds by skilled craftsmen.

tartarooga offers all of this.

Some manufacturers take shortcuts. They bend a flexible sheet of fiberglass around the framework . There are no structural flanges. - This simply doesn't measure up to tartarooga standards. The purpose, of course, is to avoid the time consuming and costly building of molds. - You should avoid products without hard flanges.
What tartarooga owners say

"Your dodger is getting rave reviews from our friends. We are pleased as punch and keep marveling at our pretty new, and very well constructed hard dodger. You two make one hell of a team!"

Leanne, Jack & Spike

"Well, we've received about a dozen compliments so far! We're taking off for Oak Harbor tomorrow morning and the BIG SHOW. The other guys will be green with envy. Ha, ha!"

John C., Seattle

"The new dodger is a delight. As time goes by I can see more and more of the thought and consideration that has gone into your design. Thank you for your excellent work and it was a pleasure getting to know you a bit. I hope our paths will cross again."

Dr. Kit H., Spokane, WA

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